Private Lessons offer the best way to learn skiing and snowboarding quickly, in a safe and enjoyable way, with your own personal coach who will tailor the day to your needs and goals.

HALF DAY (3hrs)

¥35,000 max 4 people
(AM lessons ¥45,000 peak, PM lessons ¥35,000 peak)

This is a great way to achieve fast improvement in technique. A half day lesson allows us to quickly assess your skills and then work on specific areas that will lead to immediate improvements.

FULL DAY (7hrs)

¥60,000 max 4 people
(¥70,000 peak)

Reach your goals efficiently with our expert instructors. A full day gives us time to better assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve your technique and your understanding of terrain, conditions and mountain safety. Whether you are just starting out for the first time, or looking to gain confidence through deep powder and tight trees, a full day gives you the time to work closely with your personal coach and explore more of the resort.


¥45,000 max 4 people
(¥55,000 peak)

Beat the crowds onto the slopes with an early start (08:30am) and lay down your first tracks while most of the resort is still in bed. With this extended lesson you will be able to make the most of the morning conditions and work on your technique, where we can spot your lines in the snow from the lift.


¥25,000 max 2 children
(only available off-peak)

For under 5’s only. A shorter and more focused lesson to get the most out of the class while they maintain peak energy levels. Younger children have very different needs and our smaller class sizes ensure that they feel comfortable to learn in a safe and fun environment. For kids who want to push harder, try one of our longer lesson options above.


¥25,000 max 4 people

Private tuition without the crowds. Locals know – the best snow is in the evening. It’s a great time to focus on technique and enjoy the sensation of skiing or boarding under the floodlights.


¥70,000 max 4 people
(¥80,000 peak)

Everything you get from a full day lesson, but in Kiroro or Rusutsu! Explore and learn in a new and exciting resort, only a hour away from Niseko. Transfers are included. A full day lesson includes 6 hours teaching time, and 1 hour lunch break.