• Where are you from: French Alps
• When did you start skiing: 2 years old and snowboarding when I was 12
• Where have you skied: France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Japan
• What do you ride: I’ve skied competitively in France but also love skiing backcountry and on the slopes…
• Why are you in Japan: I come to Niseko because it’s an amazing place. Our ski school has a great team, the resorts are spectacular playgrounds and it’s great to meet new people from different countries.
• Languages spoken: French, English, basic Russian
• Favourite movie: Sci-Fi
• Favourite destination for sun: French lakes – so I can be on/in the water
• Any other interesting background: I’m a wakeboard and waterski coach in summer and love the  mountains too – for hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding. I love to go to the opera or see a ballet.