• Where are you from: Wales, UK
• Where have you skied: France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada, America, NZ and Japan
• When did you start skiing/riding: 4 years old
• What do you ride: My new favourite type of skiing is offpiste, particularly in Japan’s bottomless powder.
• Why are you in Japan: To ride the lightest champagne powder in the World and learn more about their beautiful culture and eat their amazing cuisine!
• Languages spoken: English, basic Welsh and French.
• Favourite movie: Fight Club
• Favourite restaurant in Niseko: Ichi-Mura (soba)
• Favourite destination for sun: Thailand
• Best holiday ever: Great White Sharks in South Africa.
• Any other interesting background: I have worked with
horses the majority of my life. Breaking in and training
young horses, rehabilitating horses with behavioural issues as
well as competing in dressage and show jumping