Justin Owers

Justin’s Story:

My love for the mountains came from an early age spending time in my dad’s backpack on the slopes. Ever since, mountains have played a huge role in my growing up, from my first time on skis, discovering snowboarding, to the first trip with mates all leading towards a career within the snowsports industry.

I have been super fortunate that as I’ve progressed through the instructor pathway it has led me to places I always dreamed of as a kid, I have met riders who are constantly pushing the sport and I am living my dream.

Snowboarding at the end of the day is all about having fun, and that is where I focus my time! Whether it’s euro carving and jibbing around the groomers, exploring new mountains with friends on a bluebird day, or going mach10 down a banked slalom course, there’s always something to keep stoke levels high and keep me smiling!

I’d be stoked to help you along the way whether it’s for your first turn, or your thousandth, there’s always more to snowboarding and more places to push your personal riding. Welcome to Niseko and all of its silly snowfall.


ISIA Snowboard Instructor Level 3

Adaptive Snowboard Instructor

BASI Alpine Ski Instructor Level 1

Avalanche Safety Training Level 2