Avalanche Report

ニセコなだれ情報 第79号 Niseko Avalanche Info No.79





天気は昼から再び崩れる。早めの行動を。風下の谷と森の中には良い雪が入って いる。亀裂転落や立木衝突、迷子に注意。知らない人についていくと道に迷う。常に現在地の確認を。降雪推移、現況各データの評価から鉱山の沢側壁、アンヌプリ大沢雪庇面標高1000m付近、東尾根奥の雪崩リスクは引き続き高い。滑走はフォールラインを。雪庇下の急斜面トラバースは絶対にしてはならない。谷には人が大勢いる。雪庇崩壊に注意。雪庇は突然崩れる。端から十分に(10m)距離をとること。




Niseko base 5.00am: -11°, trace new snow, calm. Moiwa 800m: -12°, WNW2.5m/s, cornice and snowdrift development until midnight. Annupuri 1150m: -13°, NW10m/s, snow wind is calming down. Hirafu 1250m: -15°, light wind, snow wind is calming down. Coastal data: Benkei Cape: NW11m/s. Kamui Cape: W9m/s, 1018hPa, wave 1.4m.


The pressure gradient is leveling out and the sea and mountains are finally calming down. Cornice and snowdrift development are starting to settle down. From observation snow has stabilised, the general slope avalanche risk is low. No 2,3 peak gates are expected to be open. Please listen to the patrols advice and be prepared before going out of bounds.


The weather is expected to deteriorate after lunch. Plan accordingly. Leeward slopes in the forest have good snow. Be careful falling into cracks, hitting trees or getting lost. Following someone you don't know is easy way to get lost, always know your current location. From data and analysis the avalanche risk at Kozan no sawa sidewall, Osawa cornice slope near 1000m, Higashi One far side continues to be high. Ride the fall line, dont ever traverse steep slopes under cornices. Many people are stopping in the valley bottoms so be careful near and under cornices they may collapse suddenly without warning. When above them stay a save distance(10m) from the edge.


This report is published daily to try and prevent accidents of ski resort users. Hoping there is no accident today. We are getting a little tired. Have a good day.

For more information visit Niseko Avalanche Information.