Avalanche Report

ニセコなだれ情報 第117号 Niseko Avalanche Info No.117

臨時雪崩情報 2019/04/14日曜日






Special Avalanche Advisory 14/04/2019

Full Depth Avalanche Risk

Full depth avalanches are more likely to occur on leeward snowdrift slopes, cornice slopes and steep cliff slopes above 800m elev. In Niseko these full depth avalanches will travel long distances following the valley bottoms. Avoid these areas.

Slopes showing cracks or creases can easily be identified as danger zones, however often there are no visible signs indicating a slope is about to suddenly avalanche. Rapid air and snow temp changes, ground surface melt/freeze can all trigger full depth avalanches.

Take care not only in Annupuri Osawa, Kozan no Sawa and Higashi One but also in the surrounding mountains. Again, you should not wait, rest or spend any time at the valley floor. The mountains are wonderfully good.

Moiwa 800m: 5.2°, NW3.7m/s. Annupuri1100m: WSW5.1m/s, Hirafu1000m: 1.2°, SSW5.7m/s. Benkei Cape: S4m/s. Kamui Cape: S15m/s, 1016hPa, wave 1.4m. A low pressuer system is approaching from the Sea of Japan.

For more information visit Niseko Avalanche Information.