Avalanche Report

ニセコなだれ情報 第111号 Niseko Avalanche Info No.111





Full Depth Avalanche Warning

Full depth avalanches are occurring in the following areas: south side of Annupuri peak, Kozan no Sawa, Osawa and areas around Mikaeri forest road. In an effort to prevent accidents gates 1, 2 and 8 will be closed. Do not duck ropes to enter Osawa or Kozan no Sawa. Hirafu Gate 3 will be open to access Annupuri peak. Do not enter Kozan no Sawa(Back Bowl) from the peak. It is expected that west ridge cornice/snowdrift around 1000m will collapse triggering full depth avalanche, however when it will occur cannot be predicted. This avalanche, like a glacier avalanche, can not be predicted by temperature or time. Do not disregard the danger.


Snow conditions in the resorts areas are bad. Mornings are hard and icy, afternoons are slushy and rough. Beware crashing. 2 days ago there was fatal accident where a skier ran out of control into a tree. Their family's sorrow is immeasurable and our hearts mourn. Our deepest condolences and we hope for safety on the mountains in Niseko. Don’t think this couldn’t happen to you. Safe skiing and snowboarding

For more information visit Niseko Avalanche Information.