Manuel Ruiz de Somavia

From an early age my playground has been the mountains, this being my place of personal and professional growth. Guided by my father, who is passionate about skiing and climbing, I have practiced these sports from a very young age. I was also skateboarding from a very early age, all of which led me to become a snowboarder in my early childhood.

Snowboarding and climbing are two of the sports that individually have led me to know my limits as an athlete, and get me to overcome them every day. I now also enjoy disciplines such as mountaineering and splitboarding, and as such I have found in my life a passion that today keeps pushing me to be more.

I am a happy and full person in the mountains during winter, and even more so when I share this passion with people, which is a lifestyle that leads me to travel the world and discover new sensations in new mountains.

ISIA Snowboard Instructor

Languages spoken
Spanish, English, French