Justin Owers

I have been fortunate enough to ride and teach all over the World. Teaching from Europe to New Zealand, it brought me to Japan and this is now my 4th winter with Niseko Black.

I’ve always enjoyed being able to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors and the mountains. Simply put I love snowboarding; the adventure, the release, the exploration and the experiences that go with it. Constantly being able to push yourself either physically or mentally is really rewarding and seeing the results in front of you.

I love giving other people this sensation too, whether it’s trying something new, going somewhere else, or just getting a little out of their comfort zone and finding they really enjoy it, it makes instructing the dream job. Being able to do it in Japan with the culture and the food, the people and of course the snow I feel very privileged and thankful. I look forward to meeting and riding with you, hopefully I can help show you round Hokkaido and specifically Niseko this winter.


ISIA Snowboard Instructor Level 3

BASI Alpine Ski Instructor Level 1

Adaptive Snowboard Instructor

Avalanche Safety Training Level 2