Julian De Giusto

My name is Julian, I’m from Bariloche, a beautiful city in Patagonia, Argentina.

Since I was a child, I was always looking for a feeling of freedom which I found in the magnificent Andes. Trekking, making wild expeditions, mountain bike and downhill, climbing, bungie jumping, rafting and others, were the activities I most enjoyed. Finally, skiing, which rapidly turned into more than a way of living for me, it became a lifestyle.

I wonder a lot about life, and often ask myself about it’s meaning and what’s our purpose in life as human beings. When I find myself on top of a mountain, and about to go down, I get a sense of control versus letting myself fall and flow with the snow. That’s the moment I stop wondering and think, this is all life is about!

I invite you to share that feeling with me, are you ready to live the experience?!

ADIDES Ski Instructor Level 2
SIA Avalanche Course Level 2
PSIA Level 1


Languages Spoken
Spanish, English, Portuguese


SIA stamp Avalanche course level 2 (the one we just did this year) and also I have the PSIA level 1 (profesional ski instructors of