George Richardson

Hi everyone, my name is George and I am from Prestwood, a sleepy little village in the heart of Buckinghamshire England.. It’s very green there!
Growing up there I didn’t have much exposure to skiing or snowboarding. None of my family skied and we didn’t have the means for much travel.
It wasn’t until secondary school, age 14, that I got on skis. The school decided to run a ski trip to Canada. Something inside me was desperate to go. Maybe the thought of leaving UK and going on a plane, the idea of mountains or the act of the slide..? I had to save up the money myself from my paper round.
Many weeks later.. I was learning on a man made hill with artificial dry slope skiing.. Then finally Canada! I’ll never forget that 1st chairlift ride up the mountain. Something changed inside me. I hope we can help you have a similar experience.

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